The Golden Fleet is an ancient city, founded by pirates hundreds of years ago and built on the back of thousands of ships, it now sails as a beacon of civilization in the Great Sea.

The Upper Deck of the city and its aristocracy has enjoyed centuries of prosperity, erecting great marble palaces, mansions, and auction houses atop the flotilla of ships. The aristocracy spends their time hosting balls and extorting unfair trade deals with costal cities by threatening violence – or as they would call it, trade. 

Below on the Lower Deck – a dark maze of bridges and ratways between the hulls of the ancient ships – the less fortunate toil. They make a living fishing, pirating, or thieving – some would say more honestly than their upstairs neighbours. It is a rough life, but has the promise of moving upwards to the glamor and wealth soaked Upper Deck.

The Golden Fleet is a city of aristorcratic balls, and back alley brawls. It's a city where anyone can make riches, but only if you're willing to back stab and steal. It's kill or be killed. Will you be the thief, or the fool?

The Golden Fleet

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